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The Public Health Emergency

Ends May 11, 2023!

Telehealth Updates

Don't let the uncertainties of telehealth hold you back from providing the best care possible. Our Telehealth Policy and Procedure Manual empowers you with the knowledge and guidance you need to confidently expand your practice into the digital realm.


& Access to the Telehealth Database

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In this edition, we'll help you focus on recharging your batteries.

Resources in this issue:

  • Attract Your Ideal Client Mini Course

  • The Bio Generator for Therapists

  • Planner and Documentation Tracker


Attract Your Ideal Client Mini Course

A 14-slide mini course that will guide you through the necessary steps to create your business in a way that will attract the right clients for your talents and interests.

Click Here


The Bio Generator For Therapists

A full and condensed bio are generated from answers you enter into The Bio Generator for Therapists. Click Here


Documentation PLanner and Tracker

The ever evolving quest to find just the right flow has led to the realization that if my needs change frequently, yours might too. ;) So, rather than trying to make the perfect planner or tracker, I give you the following to pick what will work for you. Links inside the newsletter. - © Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved. Initiatrix Enterprises LLP

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